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The Foundation's Objectives

1. To construct Commemorate Park at the district where King Rama II was born in Amphoe Amphawa in order to be the centre of art and culture developed during the reign of King Rama II as well as a centre for public recreation.

2. To publish the following books

     - Six royal dramas entitled SungThong Khavi Maneephichai Sungsilpachai Kraithong and Chayacheth

     - King Rama II 's Chronicle

     - Royal memorandum of King Rama II

     - Writings in honour of King Rama II etc.

3. To organize annual entertainment on the King Rama II Commemorate Day such as “khon” based on the King's version of Ramayana and his other plays, for example, SungThong or Inao.

4. To sponsor those who are interested to do the research about King Rama II or the events during his reign. The finished research papers are about :

     - King Rama II 's activities in education

     - diplomatic political and military policies for southern provinces stabilization

     - Buddhism promotion during the reign of King Rama II

and also to manage arts and culture projects relating to King Rama II .