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His Benevolence

histalent 00          During his sixteen years of reigning, King Rama II really created prosperity for the country in many ways. The history was written that the country in his time was peaceful and abundant. In foreign affairs, he accepted friendly relationship with Myanmar .

His Venevolence

At the same time, he ordered construction of towns and forts in suitable area such as the fort at Nakorn Kheunkhun, to protect the capital from the enemies.

His Benevolence


          With respect to the arts and culture, as the national identity, King Rama II supported and maintained Thai literature, poetry, drama, music, sculpture and painting as well as architecture. Especially literature, it was considered that his reign was the golden age of literature in the Ratanakosindra period the same as the reign of King Narai the Great was in the Ayudhaya period. King Rama II was a poet himself, as he composed many pieces of poetry which become the nation's heritage for succeeding generations to study either as recreation or a source of knowledge. watsutat 001His works are perfect standard for poetry which is a great pride for Thai people and also widely well known in many countries.

          The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), realizing his intellect, honored King Rama II as one of The world important persons and also supported his Bicentennial Birthday Commemorate Ceremony in 1968.