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The Board of Directors

          The Foundation's Board of Directors has initially the concept that King Rama II did a great favor for Thai people as he created a lot of arts and culture which have now become the country's heritage. King Rama II was a warrior, a ruler, an administrator, also an artist, as well as a poet. He brought peace happiness and progress to the country in many ways. Thai people, therefore should be grateful for his kindness and honour him continuously through generations.

          Since the Foundation was registered under the King's patronage on October 11, 1968 , it has been supervised under 4 groups of committees namely;

  1. committee by position comprising of the minister of Cultural Ministry, the minister of Tourism and Sports Ministry, the Director of Fine Arts Department and the Governor of Samut Songkhram Province
  2. committee appointed by His Majesty the King
  3. committee that are representatives from royal families descending from King Rama II
  4. committee appointed from the intellectuals either royal family members or those faithful persons with willingness to join working totaling 75 Persons.

          From these four groups of committee, the Board of Directors has been appointed comprising of, Chairman, Assistant Chairman (not more than 3), Secretary, Treasurer and other directors not more than15. The Board of Directors has its own term for 5 years.

          The First Chairman was ML Pin Malakul who afterwards had requested for the royal permission to appoint Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, who at that time was studying in the Faculty of Arts, as the Chairman. Until her graduation in 1977, The Princess was permitted by His Majesty the King to be one of the directors and was elected as the Chairman since 1997 up to now.

          H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn was born on April 2, 1955. She has finished her education with a Bachelor's Degree, a Master Degree and a Doctorate Degree. She is highly capable in many fields of knowledge and arts following King Rama II and more over she has been leading the foundation to achieve its goals.