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His Great Talents

His Great Talents

          King Rama II was highly talented in sculpture and architecture. He carved the doors of Wat Sudhatsanadhepvararam. He was the architect who designed the lay-out of satupas in Wat Arunrajavararam and Wat Sudhatsanadhepvararam. His works in painting were the porcelain in five colours (Benjarong) and the colourful design so called “Lai NamThong” which were regarded as examples of design up to now. As his talents in arts were very outstanding, February 24, his birthday was officially announced to be “the National Artist Day” to remind Thai people of his talents and benevolence

His Musical Talents

          King Rama II was very fond of music especially “Sor Sam Sai” or three – string fiddle which was his favorite musical instrument so much that the gardeners who owned the kind of coconut tree that its shell could be made fiddle were exempt from paying tax. He always played his fiddle named “Sor Sai Fa Fad” (meaning thundering fiddle) by himself if not with the band. It was told that “One night after playing his fiddle, he went to bed and had a dream. In his dream he went to a beautiful place and saw the moon floating near to him beaming brightly all over the place. Suddenly he heard beautiful music from somewhere. So he sat down to enjoy the view and the music. Then the moon began to withdraw and the music began to fade away. He finally woke up.”

          After he woke up, the music in his dream still echoed in his ears. He therefore called for the musicians to play what he heard and named it “Bulan Loy Luen” or “Bulan Loy Fa” meaning “Floating Moon Song.” Sometimes it is called “Praising for the Moon” or “Song from the Dream” This song was twice national anthem in the reign of King Rama V and VI.